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We're throwing it all the way back...😅

This week we caught up with a regular Metropolis Music gig-goer, who’s been attending our shows since the '80s, to find out what’s changed between then and now…

How did you find out about gigs in the '80s/'90s?

I bought City Limits every week to read listings, promotional posters were everywhere. Flyers were even given out at gigs. I also went to record shops, they’d also have flyers.

What do you remember from the Band Of Holy Joy show, mentioned in the ticket?

It was a long time ago, but a great show is something that sticks with you always. I remember the atmosphere being dominant in performance. The energy in the room was undeniably powerful, heightened by being with friends and like-minded music lovers.

Do you have a favourite venue in London and why is it your favourite venue?

The first time I came to Brixton was on a coach trip from Leeds to see The Clash (circa 1982) at O2 Academy Brixton. I ended up living in Brixton and saw so many bands at the Academy I absolutely loved it. In more recent years, I’ve been to see quite a few bands at O2 Forum Kentish Town, those are both favourite venues of mine. In the 1980s O2 Forum Kentish Town was formerly known as the Town and Country Club and it hosted so many gigs. I love it there, the format of the venue means you can get a pretty good view wherever you stand, I’m glad to see the venue is still thriving.

Lastly, can you give us a piece of advice to any live music lovers?

Put your phone away. Enjoy the show as the one-off unique experience that it is. And don’t talk all the way through no matter how tempted you are to analyse the set with your friends. We pay a lot of money to be in the moment, so revel in it.

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