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  • Guvna B

    Over the years, the East London MC has built up a legacy using his artistry as a message of empowerment as well as an embodiment of his faith which has guided him throughout life. With 2 MOBO Awards and 3 UMAs, eight projects spanning thirteen years, Guvna B is a seasoned veteran who’s found a new direction with his sound.

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  • The Big Moon

    The Big Moon are a London four-piece, formed in 2014 by Juliette Jackson.

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  • Chubby And The Gang

    Formed by members of various British hardcore bands—Violent Reaction, Abolition, Gutter Knife and more. While preserving the spitting ferocity of those outfits, they add the working-class realism and aesthetics of Oi!, plus the how-fast-is-too-fast, surf-tinted punk of The Ramones.

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