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Robert Glasper

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Robert Glasper. Terrace Martin. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. Derrick Hodge. Justin Tyson. Taylor McFerrin.

New project brings together the seminal voices of his generation with a shared mission: to create music of and for its time. 

Robert Glasper is a game-changer. So are his friends. In 2018 you can hear what happens when the best of the best come together on one stage with one purpose.

In Robert's words “when you can respond to something, and you can reflect something – that's the essence of a moment; of now, and that's what all these cats do, just intuitively. It's why I love them, why they're who they are - and why we're called R+R=now”. 

Fundamentally a collective of bandleaders, this is a group in which each musician is both spokesperson and leading light.