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Pip Millett

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Calmness is the key to Pip’s music; a blissful fusion of R&B and soul that’s always full of feeling. Her love affair with music began during those quiet school days when she received guitar lessons as a present from her mum. Initially picking up the bass, where she learned to play wild rock songs by artists like The White Stripes and Slipknot, Pip eventually moved her way up to six strings. “It made me come out of myself a little,” she says of her early lessons. “It was a massive boost to me.”

Though her releases to date can be counted on a couple of hands, Pip has shown that she’s not here to make up the numbers. Take the delicate and melodic “Make Me Cry,” for example, or “Talk About It,” a raw moment of yearning set to a deceptively upbeat rhythm. “My first song, the one that’s done the best, is about being depressed,” she says of ‘Make Me Cry.’ “It’s a break-up song but I’m breaking up with depression.” 

These early releases have earned Pip many fans, including contemporaries like Jorja Smith. Smith has helped boost Pip’s music on multiple occasions, using her music on Instagram and shouting her out in interviews. 

 Having moved on from her quiet life and become the artist she always was, Pip is determined to keep making the music she insists will always be “chilled but emotional.” Whatever comes next, a generation caught in its feelings might just have a new soundtrack.