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blanket, as the name suggests, envelop the listener in a comforting quilt of sound, transporting them to dreamy landscapes of sweeping, celestial beauty with a kaleidoscopic symphony of soaring guitars, tinkling piano, warm bass and propulsive drums. In essence, it’s ambient music on a cinematic scale.

Initial ideas and early demos came together at the beginning of 2016, as guitarists Bobby Pook and Simon Morgan would routinely retire to the conservatory of their rented home in Blackpool to noodle on guitars, tinkle ivories and write intertwining melodies, all whilst gazing wistfully skywards at the stars above them. It was perhaps such a sublime view that infused the music they created within that glass retreat with such elegance, purity and grace.

How To Let Go, the quartet’s debut full-length album, takes dexterous ambient textures and amplifies them through a deeply resonant, emotional filter. It’s a blissful 55-minute exploration of imagination, wonder and the human spirit, designed to uplift, enchant and provide a beautiforous escape from an often harsh and confounding reality. Gorgeous, textures lap over the listener, like a wave of euphoria as the band’s sound builds to an overwhelming crescendo; it’s wondrous music, designed to inspire vivid minds and transport the listener to a euphoric state of consciousness. One moment, blanket can evoke the fragility and desolation of a lone survivor drifting through the vast reaches of the cosmos, whilst the next they can be as cacophonous as the sound of the entire universe collapsing in on itself. Its dazzling ambition far outreaches what most bands even attempt on their debut album.

blanket have already been making waves live with extensive touring in Europe and the UK, as well as performing a hypnotic, otherworldly set at the prestigious ArcTanGent Festival. With the release of How To Let Go via Music For Nations, blanket are grasping every opportunity to take their music to the masses.