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Swedish artist Bladee has announced his second studio album Red Light, which will be released by Stockholm-based label YEAR0001 on May 11, 2018. In celebration of the release, Bladee will be headlining a live release show at Islington Academy in London on May 16.

Creating and curating the new wave of highly influential never-look-back music, Bladee has quietly hung at the forefront of emotionally charged rap since first gaining notoriety in 2014. His obscure and futurist DIY tracks quickly established an obsessive cult following in the worlds of music and fashion alike. Over the years Bladee's sound has constantly been expanding and evolving. On Eversince, Bladee's debut studio album released in 2016, twisted yet nuanced autotuned voices floated on top of dark, angelic beats with an abundance of bass, lethal melodies and broken down rhythms.

Now comes Red Light, another reinvention of Bladee's brand of futuristic rap that continues to float in a universe of its own. Stay tuned.