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Soulful, sensual, and spiritual, Azekel is an artist whose music is guaranteed to communicate with your inner core. With his honest melodic chronicles of reality, his addictive sound is not only soothing to your ears, but nourishing to your spirit.

Born in Nigeria as Azekel Adesuyi, Azekel moved to East London with his family at the age of 3. It was here that Azekel cultivated a love for music, with an appreciation for genres such as soul, R&B, hip hop, gospel, grime and rock. Music became an outlet for him through tumultuous times in his childhood, where he navigated a challenging relationship with his father. Self-taught on the keyboard and guitar, Azekel found refuge and peace in songwriting and subsequently producing.

Azekel’s distinct meditative and futuristic sound is paving the way for a new generation of British artists. His true gift is his ability to bring his social commentary to life through his musical body of work. He provides a much-needed fresh expression of black manhood and fatherhood that leaves you warm, empowered, uplifted and proud.